Why and how Girl child empowerment is burying Boychild alive

He says let the society respect men.

By Marko Mutugi

I am yet to understand how a bouncing baby boy is born and received into this world with all the excitement and celebration that we all have witnessed or been a part of, grows to become a handsome young man and after growing into an adult man suddenly changes from being a human being to being a ‘dog’ (yet they weren’t born a puppy in the first place).
Used metaphorically or not, it is extremely unfair for the society (Kenyan society to be specific) to call men dogs!
Interestingly, when these grown men  I sire children   with women (and not female ‘dogs’) and the children happen to be male, they aren’t called puppies but  baby boys. So where do they stop being baby boys and become ‘dogs’
All this story is brought about by the Affirmative action,and extreme overempowerment of one gender,the feminine.
As at this date, rights of the girl child and girl child empowerment seem to have taken the center stage in all aspects of life and have overshadowed boy child empowerment as the society seems to be more inclined to supporting girls more than boys. Boys are assumed to be tough and able to deal with the problems in their lives on their own. They are assumed to be less vulnerable to social misdeeds such as sexual harassment, child labor, violence among many others.
 It’s like it was assumed that boys don’t face any challenges while schooling and they can’t lose study time for any reason whatsoever. These reasons do not hold water anymore because the environment in which the boy child and the girl child grow up in today’s world is more or less harmonized. Today, boys do household chores that used to be a preserve of girls. Girls do not (or rather rarely) miss school anymore due to monthly periods thanks to better access to sanitary towels and tampons which are actually provided for free in quite a number of schools. The society no longer undermines girls and they are seen as being equally good (or even better) as boys thanks to modern civilization. So why deny a boy who scored a B- (minus) of 59 points in KCSE entry to university through and admit a girl who scored a B- of 58 points in the same exam done under same conditions? Isn’t this a case of victimization based on gender?
In the job market and career wise, the affirmative action seems to be working against men. There is an emerging trend in the world of Human Resource Management where more often than not, women are preferred for job placement over men. It’s not rare to see a job advertisement with a caption that says ‘Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply’ but it’s quite seldom to see one encouraging men to apply
 And I believe, by insisting on gender equality, we miss the point. Gender equality is a utopian, if not alien concept. For, how can you compare the incomparable? Boys, by nature of their wiring, are fundamentally different from girls.

To subdue a creature responsive to testosterone and equate it to another, thriving on estrogen, is like caging a cat and a lion together because both are of the same family. Chui kamwe hawi paka kwa kukatwa makucha!

The intersection between modernity and traditional practices has thrown the boy child into a wilderness of identity. A man was supposed to be stoic, strong and forbearing.

Today, the message is that what a boy can do, a girl can do better. Instead of working on the inherent, God-given strengths in both, the current rhetoric sets them in competition against each other.

As one writer puts it, parents today are too quick to swoop in. We don’t want our children to fall. So, instead of letting them experience life’s challenges, we clear the path. We’ve forgotten that adversity is part of life and is necessary to enable children build life-coping skills they will need later on in life.

So, when we see a drunken man lying in a gutter, it started from the roots. Drinking is but a manifestation of a flawed system.

It is time we do something about it.

Doing something about it starts with a robust debate. It starts with a honest discussion about life stages and identity of the boy child.

If it calls for going back to our roots to find out what went wrong, then we must embrace it.

Empowering one gender must never be synonymous with stifling the other. We must realise that we need a functional man and woman for a functional society.

(The Writer is a student at M-pesa Academy)

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