What did the maternity nurse ever tell you?

We have heard in different midst of nursing mothers how horrifying it was during delivery.

Talk of nurses who are supposed to be caring and understanding but most are a different story altogether.

With a research conducted, Kenyatta National Hospital, Pumwani, Mama Lucy amongest other hospitals offer the most ill-famed tales of maternity experiences.

Some women we’re kind enough to share the rude responses they received from nurses. The responses we’re so hilarious.
One of them said that the nurse asked her, “uko sure hii maji imebreak yenyewe ama ni mzee alitoboa? ” she had to give birth without being nosiy. The nurse sure placed her on silent mode delivery.

When I thought I had heard it all, one said that when the nurse was stitching her, they told her to position properly, it was more of, “weka hiyo kitu vizuri” so that they could sew her up and give her a chance to go and spoil her(punani) again.

One added that the nurse told her to raise her ‘bum bum ‘well well in the essence that ,”ukitafuta hiyo mtoto ulikuwa umeinua juu kama lightning arrestor, 360° haikuwa kitu”

Some said through the rude words spit out by the nurse, it made them lack the strength to even push. I couldn’t wonder more what the nurse said to make pushing a hard task. Well, she said”ulidhani mtoto ataonja kama kitu ya babake” all because she was dramatic. If I we’re told that ‘ sema kufaint every 2 minutes’

Another woman went ahead to state how a nurse criticized her for screaming yet during ‘pekejeng’ she was calm and not screaming. “Nurse alinipima centimetres ajue ni ngapi, aliingiza kidole nikapiga nduru, akasema, “mama unapiga nduru na umezoea vidole plus ata si kubwa kama kitu ilikupea mimba”

Such are the experiences with nurses.
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