Van Damme is back in the action scene with new comedy/action film, “The Last Mercenary”

Van Damme on, "The Last Mercenary".

On a crispy night in a deserted street, there was palpable tension and poignant silence in the air. An iconic figure lay sprawled on the ground with multiple bullet wounds arrayed on his chest. A drive-by car revved and sputtered, lurching forward into the darkness. The newspapers had a field day the following morning, a story of the east-side west-side war itching on their lips. A story about the demise of a hip hop regal, 2-pac. There was global mourning for this heavy loss.

The thing about icons is that they live on even when they sieze to live. Their opus accomplishments act as a vessel for their souls. That is how we still remember people like Micheal Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Jomo Kenyatta, Nelson Mandela, Aliya, Kenny Rodgers, Whitney Houston, Robin Williams, George Saitoti, Paul Walker, Issa among many others from varied industries. We remember these figures for what they did and how they impacted lives through their skills and talents. Up until now, decades later, there are 2-pac fans who genuinely believe that their idol never really died, that he is somewhere sipping a rosè, biding his time.

In the action arena, there are several names that churn excitement whenever they are uttered. Legends like Chuck Norris from “Texas Rangers”, Jackie Chan from “Rush Hour” and Arnold Schwarzenegger from every film with forest booby traps, have never really stopped entertaining the world with their action packed skills. Another name in this particular arena is Jean-Claude Van Damme.

We know him for his impassive features, clipped responses and menacing fighting skills. Van Damme has starred in action films like “Street Fighter” and “Time Cop”. Both these films depicted Van Damme as a lethal, potent opponent who clearly possesses no funny bone in his taut body. It therefore came as a surprise when Van Damme fans globally learnt about the comedy/action genre of his upcoming film “The Last Mercenary”.

Storyline of “The Last Mercenary”

Netflix has been on a roll with debut after debut of compelling and successful action films. Chris Hemsworth’s “Extraction” and “The Old Guard” are clear indications of what to expect from “The Last Mercenary”.

The story of this blood agitating film surrounds a father (Van Damme) who is hell bent on helping his son clear his name. Van Damme happens to be a retired secret service agent which comes in handy considering the people who framed his son for trafficking are vicious in conduct (the mafia are not exactly friendly people). The setting is in France and there is presence of French dialogue. It is an almost implausible task to hide from the Government but it can be done when you have experience and allies within the Government’s nooks and crannies. Problem is, when you are running from the “good guys” you are bound to get in bed with the bad guys. Nowhere is safe, no one can be trusted and suddenly black and white is just a drab gray.

This is definitely new waters for Van Damme since the film is as heavy on humor as it is on delivering right hooks.

According to a magazine called “Variety”, Van Damme said he was looking forward to his role in the film. He also expressed his love for the emotional, humorous and of course action oriented plot. Van Damme simply cannot wait to tackle his character in this new territory, his own way.

Filming, cast, director and release date

“The Last Mercenary” is currently being filmed in France and there has been no quip of an official release date.

The film director is none other than David Charhon who helped write the film alongside Ismael Sy Savena.

The cast is a fervent bunch comprising of; Alban Ivanov, Samir Decazza and Assa Sylla. Honestly, we cannot wait for the release of this film, it’s about time Netflix featured this iconic action figure of all time.

Also, do you recall “Dark Angel”, “Fantastic Four” and very recently “LA’s Finest”? What do all these films have in common? Yes, that’s right! Jessica Alba, a phenomenal actress who never fails to astound us with her witty mind and mean kicks is about to grace us with another action packed film on Netflix, “Trigger Warning”.

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