Shame As Wealthy Eastleigh-Based Businessman Musa Muhammed On The Run After Refusing To Clear A Half a Million Debt

Wealthy Eastleigh-Based Businessman Musa Muhammed On The Run After Refusing To Clear A Half a Million Debt From A Christian
Wealthy Eastleigh-Based Businessman Musa Muhammed On The Run After Refusing To Clear A Half a Million Debt From A Christian

Wealthy Eastleigh-based Businessman Musa Muhammed commonly known as Musa Adan Kululow has been exposed for refusing to pay goods worth 522k from a Hustler.

The Managing Director of Amore hotel, Curuba Hotel in Eastleigh who happens to be the son of the wealthiest Wholesaler in Garissa has been accused of playing hide and seek games with a hustler.

Christine Ciru, the Founder and CEO of a liquid detergents company, could not hide on social media the frustrations that Musa Muhammed has subjected her through since March this year.

Christine who is a marketing consultant for a packaging company says, she started a small liquid detergents company in October 2019 with the help of her family and became fully operational in January of this year.

She further narrates that when Coronavirus Pandemic hit in Kenya, her company added sanitizers to the list of products being produced and quickly got KEBS certificate for the same.

Being a marketing consultant, Christine got to interact with various clients and Musa Muhammed was one of them. One day, Musa happened to see her WhatsApp status concerning the sanitizer and became interested on her company’s products.

“He started purchasing from us selling it in Eastleigh and sending it to Garissa. The demand became too much to a point where he would report to our place by 7am so as to make sure all production was his.” Christine wrote.

Adding, “He would come with two of his workers who would be on stand by and take goods as soon as a box was full.”

Things went south when on 20th of March this year, there were believable rumors that the government would start supplying sanitizers to the public which indicated for Christine’s company to have a a halt in production.

And as a consultant with good knowledge on marketing needs, Christine’s company relayed the information to Mr Musa Muhammed which the wealthy man was okay with but he requested a certain amount of goods before the production company stopped.

“We had to work on the night of 20th and 21st March during the day to finish the orders.” Christine stated.

According to the CEO of the liquid company, the wealthy man was paying on a daily basis through M-pesa and most of the time there would be balances carried on to the next day.

“We left him with the products as I waited for him to send the money. This is where the problems started.” The CEO confirmed.

Musa began his hide and seek game by saying he hadn’t sold the goods at the time.

“I told him to return the goods since I hadn’t been supplying my other customers and demand was there. When I pushed him too hard he claimed he had sold to someone who had taken them to Daadab refugee camp on a tender. It was supposed to mature mid April. When time came stories started again…” The CEO narrated.

The company got tired of following the wealthy man.

“I got tired in June. By this time I had closed my small company and let some of my staff go for lack of funds. I went to look for him at his hotel curuba which he claims drew some bad attention to him.” Ms Christine wrote.

“He said he doesn’t want to be known as a thief so we talked (please note this is after involvement of a common friend and his right hand man Freddy).

“He agreed to be depositing Ksh.7,000 every Friday. After awhile this too would delay and eventually stop. Then a new agreement was reached  of payment of 100k every end month this too would fail with him paying only 60k the first month and defaulting onwards.” Revealed the CEO.,  I’m on the verge of losing  my dream because of this guy who I can truthfully attest has money. He claims to be a close relative of a famous politician and they do business together. In the screenshot you will see me asking about him asking for help from a friend (the politician) and him saying he just gave him 15k for fuel.” Christie revealed.

When closing in match he owed the liquid company upto Ksh721,000 of which he has only paid Ksh.199,000 after pull and push.

The company is only asking for Ksh.522,000.

Musa is known among his peers as a well-to-do man and has the ability to pay this money in a twinkle of an eye without feeling any pain. His father is said to be the biggest wholesaler in Garissa.

According to documents in our possession, the wealthy man allegedly has an apartment in Eastleigh which he gets Ksh.75, 000 every end month.

It’s said that last month he started managing a new hotel where he gets 100k monthly.

Sources also claim that he recently started a chicken wholesale in Eastleigh. The big question is, why is he not clearing the debt?

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