Prince William and family vacationing in style causing turmoil between brothers?

Prince William and family

When you are tapping your legs nervously on the floor while entangling and disentangling your fingers, your therapist will probably recommend that you lie down on the couch. Still, in your sprawled position, your body will be fighting calm and you will find that your teeth are successively grinding while your eyes dart from one intricate ceiling detail to another. You cannot help your ragged breathing or the incessant pounding in your chest cavity because well, you are having a panic attack.

Your therapist will then switch to their lull voice before scooting over so that it is easier for you to hear them despite the staccato of voices in your head. They will then implore you to listen to the “sound of their voice”. You will bob your head out of courtesy, you do not want the therapist to think they are wasting their time, even when they frankly are. The therapist will start by telling you to close your eyes and clear your head, you will snort at the absurdity of the request. If you could do that then your parents wouldn’t have paid sh 1000 an hour for a therapy session. Still, you try because sh 1000 an hour is a lot of money and you have already been there for thirty minutes. The therapist then douses you in an ocean of imaginations.

The first thing you hear are timid waves sweeping onto shore. The whooshing sound ignites a warm feeling in your tummy so you dig a little deeper. The shrill sound of seagulls flying across the sky causes you to crane your head upwards and your eyelashes blink audibly due to the scorching sun. Your restless feet are tickled by the warm sand and you find yourself crouching to shove your fingers into the beckoning warmth as well. You once again look to the navy skies but this time you feel the sun rather than see it; you are finally calm. Your mind is on vacation therefore quietening your nerves.

For a constantly working person, a vacation is a much needed tension release. This will help them be more productive in their working fields. That is why diverse employees have leave days on their calendars. It is during this time that the workforces rejuvenate themselves by spending quality time with their families in a relaxed environment. There is a negative chi that tailors a person who does not take time to wade the pressure off, you will wind up cranky and unproductive, a general nuisance to the people around you.

Conjuring up a vacation itinerary is not as easy as it sounds. Usually vacation time is not long and most people try to cram as much activities as they possibly can in the miniature time that they have. Your destination is supposed to be comfortable yet fun and if your family is tagging along then the vacation should also be inclusive.

For Prince William, every day is a ruckus with a plethora of activities demanding his attention. Lately, the Duke of Cambridge has been on the hamster wheel with him accompanying his father to various Duchy of Cornwall meetings and engaging determinedly in the estate’s businesses. This is after heeding his father’s encouragements on taking more interest in Duchy’s workings and its portfolio of land together with financial investments and property. It was therefore expected that Prince William pull away from his busy life and take a summer vacation with his family.
You might be wondering; how does a Duke spend his vacation?

Trip down memory lane

Prince William chose an ideal destination for him and his family. As a child, the Duke of Cambridge and his brother, Prince Harry spent a holiday with their parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana in a tiny Island in Scilly. It is said that this vacation destination, which is owned by Prince Charles, will eventually be inherited by Prince William.
In 1989, Prince Charles took his family to one of his favorites vacation abodes; Tresco, Isles of Scilly. Years later, his son followed his footsteps and spent a week on the cozy Island, absorbing the sun and bonding with his family.

The one-week vacation warmed the hearts of many since it resulted in helping the UK’s travel industry. This royal family has also been sending out comforting comments during this chaotic time which have been highly appreciated by the world at large.

The family stayed in the Dolphin’s house, a glorious six-bedroom house which is owned by Prince Charles.

The fact that Prince William chose this particular destination is a reminder of his heightening social status in the Royal Family.

Bad blood between brothers?

As Prince Charles proceeds to handle more Queen related responsibilities, Prince William is being looked upon to take on more duties in the family business.

This move will increase the weight of his pockets with a chunk load of money thus widening the financial gap between him and his brother, Prince Harry. It is rumored that this particular gap is irksome to Prince Harry. The younger brother can only watch as his elder brother attends private meetings with the Queen to discuss his futuristic role as King.
The staycation that his brother took in Tresco is a reminder to Prince Harry that his elder brother is definitely moving up the ladder in the Royal Family.

All in all, it is wildly admired that this particular royal family chose such a simple summer vacation. They could have selected any destination in the world; the lush Vegas or ancient Egypt yet they chose a nostalgic destination that supports a local business and gives their children a relatively normal holiday. This goes on to show that the Duke of Cambridge will make an excellent King one day.

Just remember, all work and no play makes you an intolerable human being! So, start planning your vacation as soon as possible.
Say, is swimming with the dolphins an actual thing?

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