How to Dress According to Your Skin Tone

How to Dress According to Your Skin Tone

What is your skin tone? Warm, cool or neutral. 

If you would have asked me the same question a month ago I’d be like, “I’m chocolate or dark brown if you prefer that” I know, I know. Right now I can confidently say that I have a warm skin tone.

First things first let’s have a look at how we can determine skin tone. 

No special equipment is required. Check your veins under a natural light. What is the color of your veins under your skin? If they are blue or purple you have a cool skin tone. Celebrities with cool skin tones include Lupita Nyong’o and Lucy Liu. If they are green or greenish blue you have a warm skin tone. Celebrities with warm skin tones include Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

If you are unable to tell what colour your veins are, you have a neutral skin tone. Celebrities with the same include Angeline Jolie and Kerry Washington. The reason I’ve included celebrities with what skin tone is to help remind you what colours can look good on you too.

Just between you and me, this is one way professional stylists use to determine which colour best suits you along with your budget, the occasion you are dressing for, shape of your body and your preference.

While black is a good color and a majority’s comfort zone when it comes to dressing, the rest of the colours can be good too after figuring out your skin tone. The colours I’m about to mention are not for women alone, the males can try them too.

Warm skin tone

Colours that look good on you include orange, red, green, purple, blue, latte, black, creamy white, amber and golden yellow.

Colours to avoid include the icy shades (brighter or softer shades of colors), sapphire and ruby.

Cool skin tone

Colours that complement your tone include lilac, deep purple, ruby, Sapphire, royal blue, bright blue white and grey.

Colours to avoid include yellow and orange.

Neutral skin tone

Colours that look good with you include neutral colours or neutral shades of colours to be specific for example soft pink, vanilla (at first I didn’t know it was a colour. Apparently it’s a shade of white) and grey.

Colours to avoid include reds and yellows or anything too bright.

Knowing your skin tone, what colours look good on you and what colours do not will help you while shopping in determining which colours to stock up more.

The above colours are not written on stone. Wearing a colour you should avoid will not get you in any trouble (the fashion police would have been on your neck though, if you were a celebrity).

Ever seen how effortlessly some celebrities pull off bold colours and wondered what the secret to that is? Well now you know. Don’t be in a hurry to pair pink and yellow though. Start small, take baby steps the colors will fall in place eventually.

Knowing your skin tone won’t just help you with dressing alone but with picking the right foundation too.

Take is one step to knowing yourself.

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