Hari Gakinya, the lawyer who was allegedly compromised in Saitoti child case, accused of murder

(John Hari Gakinya)

You may not have heard about Lawyer Gakinya and his law firm, but you are probably familiar with the case of Subukia couple Sebastian Ngunju and his wife Elizabeth Maina who filed a case in 2013 against the then Internal Security Minister George Saitoti and his wife Margaret accusing the late minister and his wife of kidnapping and adopting their son, Stephen Wachira Maina -now Zachary Musengi Saitoti -back in 1988.

Hari Gakinya is the lawyer who presented the couple in court. However, what is not known to the public is that Lawyer Gakinya negotiated with the Saitoti’s to withdraw the case and in the process got compromised.

Gakinya would later tell the court that the Subukia couple agreed to withdraw a case they had filed in Nakuru seeking to initiate private prosecution against Margaret Saitoti.

By the time the Subukia couple realised what happened behind the scenes, it was already late. Attempts to rekindle the case has not been fruitful to date as judges handling the matter unanimously decline the couple’s plea saying the case had been officially withdrawn by both parties through mutual understanding way back in July 2013.

First forward, Gakinya together with a lady known as Lucy Waithera Njuguna were charged with the murder of a Belgian woman Dysseleer Mireille Lesoipa between December 11, 2018 and July 5, 2019 within Kenya over sh100 million property in Nakuru.

The Belgian woman Dysseleer went missing from her Milimani home in Nakuru around June last year and her whereabouts are still unknown.

The investigations from the detectives led to the arrest of Lucy. Lucy had hired Gakinya to file a succession case before high court in Nakuru. According to documents filed by Gakinya, the Belgian woman had died from hiv/aids related complications and left behind a will, dated November 15, 2018, in which she had named him the executor of her sh100 million worth property.

Detectives on their part says that the documents used to file the court case were unauthentic, fake.

As if the above claims are not enough, John Hari Gakinya who once served as Nakuru county attorney is alleged to have been found in possession of the Belgian woman’s vehicle, Toyota Prado of registration of KBP 298E.

The said Will indicated that Ms Lesoipa owned cash in three accounts at KCB and another at international Luxembourg Suise in Belgium.

It named seven individuals as beneficiaries to the estate namely, Ramato Tilia Lenkiok Education, his mother Ntalie Lenolkiok, Elizabeth John Leramat Lebiite Education, her driver John wanjohi, Daniel Moen and Lucy Waithera Njuguna.

It’s believed the Belgian Woman Dysseleer Mireille was killed so that her property could be inherited.

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