Tuesday, December 1, 2020


news on the latest technological trends and what is coming up in the world of computers, phones and other electronic gadgets

Elon Musk set to announce human trials at the Neuralink demo event this Friday

A story is told about an African American boy who had an uncanny reputation of being a peeping tom except his perversion...

Want To Be TikTok Famous? Local creators share their top tips on how

Leading short-form mobile video platform, TikTok, has taken the world by storm and has become increasingly popular in Kenya simply because the...

Top Seven Mobile Games Kenyans Are Playing in 2020

As the latest report by the Communications Authority of Kenya in 2019 would suggest, over eight million Kenyans own smartphones. With this...

Microsoft To Kill Off Internet Explorer By 2021

Microsoft announced on Tuesday August 18 that it will be removing Internet Explorer from the web effective August 17, 2021.

FBI Goes After GIF, CROWD 1 Among Other Kenyan Scammers

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has placed Kenyan scammers such as CROWD1, Global Internet Fortunes (GIF), AIM Global among others on...

Galaxy Note 20 Among Samsung Devices To Receive Three Generations of Android Updates

Samsung on Tuesday August 18 confirmed exactly which of its devices will be receiving “three generations” of Android updates, after announcing the initiative at...

Tactile progress of NASA’s Artemis 2024 Project; humans landing on the moon

In 2010, there was a song that seemed to generate letch within diverse people. This song was played repeatedly on radio and...

NASA plans to land on the moon by 2024

According to Greek legends, Zeus was a presumed benevolent god whom humans adored and worshipped. The benevolent façade was propelled by his...

Government To End Free Ksh1,000 Weekly M-PESA Transfers In October

The government had announced on Thursday August 13 that it will in October stop free weekly cash transfers to poor households affected...

Solar-powered vehicles replacing diesel vehicles in the automobile industry

Most people do not get the luster of driving. To them the act involves a person slamming against the driver's seat, revving...

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