Friday, July 10, 2020

Has Saba Saba Aura Dissipated?

Many young people may not be aware of the consequential nature of the Saba Saba day celebration in the growth of democratic...

MCA Sustains Broken Jaw During Fight Between Two FORD-Kenya Factions in Bungoma

Fight emerged on Sunday between two MCAs where nominated MCA Fred Musebe sustained a broken jaw. The fight occurred...

Independence Day in West Papua

In present economies, most nations are celebrating their independence days including the once greatest country in the World America which marked its...

Supremacy Wars as Western Leaders Undergo Political Realignments

Kenyan western leaders are battling for supremacy as preparations for 2022 general elections continues. With different political meetings being held in the...

Mudavadi Is Digging His Own Political Grave, Elders Say

According to Luanda Constituency elders, ANC party leader, Musalia Mudavadi’s advisers are digging his political grave by misleading him.They said that Mudavadi...

Revealed: Jacque Maribe Targets 2022 Political Seat

Ex-Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe has expressed interest in politics ahead of the 2022 General Elections…that is, if anyone will be willing...

President Kenyatta Happy with NMS’ 100-days Achievements

President Uhuru Kenyatta is happy with the Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) 100-days achievements and for its efforts in improving service delivery in...

Kenyans Hatch Plan To Remove Embakasi East MP Babu Owino

A group of Kenyans on social media have initiated plans to kick out Embakasi East MP Babu Owino as well as demanding...

Charity Begins at Home, not in Kitui though

Kenya's political scene is a blame game, rigged to favour and reward whomever cries the loudest. Anyone who is keen enough will...

Jubilee and Raila “NASA’s” Ruto

This is how you know Raila is a political god; not a single politician has endeavoured to remain as relevant as he...

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