Bring the widow back home and leave her alone!

Thoughts of Awuor Ojenge Ogot

None understood the insane woman in the village square.

She muttered to herself often, none dared moving close to her.

With the coming in of dusk, all walked home, even the chicken cooed together back.

But her twisted mind couldn’t gauge between moonlight and sun glare, they had mixed her up.

You taunted her, laying burden on her tiny neck, coercing the knowledge of her spouse’s death.

You made her swear by the foreign ancestors, they were related to you, not her.

Hers lay in her mother’s land, silent n watching your wicked twilight dance.

You took away what were owned by the father of her orphans and left her at the mercy of her pillow that knows well her tears..

The village old-timers passed the verdict, “guilty as charged”.

Dazed by teary emotions, she dragged her feet away, clasping her rugged apparel, and the two bananas you shoved in her hands. These only lasted a day.

She was singing bitterly tonight, I heard her, she called upon her God who appeared to have taken a snooze, for the heavens were mute. But from a far, the rattling of thunder warned..

It’s been years of sorrow, teeth-gnashing in your backyard.

Your steps are more laboured than hers on that day, you are suddenly doubled in age, grey, weary, anguished..

I know you know what the spirit of your brother who lays in the backyard is doing to your wrecked family.

You just lost your other son just like the others and your pain is dreadful, stinks, loudly howling.

You know what rite you need to perform, atone your iniquity. Bring this widow back home, let her access and control what is rightfully hers..

Leave widows alone. Yahweh guards them jealously.

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