Award winning Kenyan film “Poacher” to be aired on Netflix

Award winning Kenyan film “Poacher” to be aired on Netflix

We often hear the phrase “anything is possible if you simply believe.” It might seem easy; closing your eyes, conjuring up vivid and striking possibilities, feeling your heart flutter as you stretch out your palm to grasp them but then you find yourself cradling air; a mixture of multiple gases that enable our survival on earth. It is easy to build castles in the air, it’s building them from the ground up that cultivates a migraine in our temples. What the laymen should have said is “anything is possible if you believe and work tirelessly towards it.”

A few weeks ago I watched an autistic visually impaired 22 year old man perform in front of 800,000 strangers including a panel of four judges who happen to possess a knack for critiques. Still, the young man let his mother lead him to the stark dark piano that shimmered beautifully under the stage lights. The audience stilled, the judges inched forward; their eyes flickering with untamed curiosity. The young man took time to compose himself and for a moment everyone held their breath, including my family and I. Then he started singing and keying in notes in the piano, it was magical. The blend of the graceful piano notes and his rich round voice was just beautiful, enchanting even. The 800,000 strangers including the judges gave him a standing ovation, we simply whooped and cheered like maniacs. The performance was so moving, so tear prickling that the judges sent him off straight to the finals. Yes, his audition granted him a chance to the finals meaning he did not have to contest all the way to the final event. The young man’s mother revealed that he had been singing and playing the piano since he was a child. He not only believed in his gift but he also put in the work, practicing relentlessly over the years. It paid off.

The film “Poacher” has sparked up excitement amidst Kenyans following the recent news of Netflix airing it on their platform. This is because Netflix has a reputation for soaring films to global heights. The streaming network has over 183 million subscribers all over the world. The Kenyan/British short film was very successful when it first debut in 2018. It won the accolade for “Best Short Film” during the 8th Kalasha TV and Film awards. It was nominated for the “Best Short Film”, “Best Director”, “Best Director of Photography”, “Best Supporting Actor in a Film” and “Best Actor in a Film”. Clearly it is a phenomenal film that delighted not only Kenyans but also other audiences across the globe. Well, it’s about to even get more fans on board.

Let’s see what the film’s storyline is all about, who are involved in carving its name on the global map and when exactly Netflix is launching it on their streaming platform.

The Premise

The twenty-nine minute crime thriller film surrounds a poor farmer who finds himself in a pickle when he steals a bunch of blood ivory from a menacing gang of international terrorists.

The short film is enthralling with its intense chase scenes and its ability of engaging the audience throughout the whole film. You will find yourself glued to the screen, with your lips chanting the protagonist’s name, “Mutua” whose life hangs on a balance. His only advantage is that he knows the lay of the land better than his foes. But what can you really do when a chopper is hot on your trail and you are in a plain field? If you haven’t watched the film yet, then Netflix has got you covered.

The story’s aim is to raise awareness of poaching and black market ivory trade. It also seeks to address how the elephants are swiftly becoming an endangered species in Africa because of people’s greed.

The filming, crew and release date

The director and also the writer of the film is Tom Whitworth and he worked hand in hand with the cinematographers, Nathan Prior and Ishmael Azeli. The filming took place in South East of Nairobi, Tsavo West National Park.

The cast members include; Brian Ogola as Mutua, Davina Leonard (also film writer) as Nicola Betts, Lenny Juma as Juma, Shiviske Shivisi as Ngina and Olwenya Maina as Hassan.

The film is set to be launched on Netflix by September 30th, 2020.
Several cast members came forward after the news went public and shared their jaded state.

Maina Olwenya’s comment was particularly moving as he quoted his mother. His precise words were, “Mama I’m officially on Netflix. Mama they have made it hard for me. But mama I’m here.”

Kenyans are genuinely thrilled by this news as it is a step towards more Kenyan films being showcased in this particular platform.
Say, which Kenyan films do you see on Netflix in the near future?

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