6 Natural remedies for healthy hair

Faces all around were grim. Poignant silence draped over the room like a wet blanket as we waited for the executioner. I felt as if I had been sentenced to the gallows and the people in our living room had come to bid me goodbye. An outsider would have easily mistaken the convene for a mourning one, in some way, we were.

The executioner emerged with her weapon of choice, a pair of glimmering scissors. A whimper emanated from my cousin, I gulped heavily. Nana positioned herself behind me and pulled my shoulders to connect with her iron knees. I winced as the sound of opening scissors cut through the palpable silence and headed for a tuft of my hair. By the time she concealed her weapon of choice, my head was next to bald with random patches of surviving hair and evidence of ringworms. My brother was the first one to laugh, so much for a mourning session.

Three years after that fateful day, I decided to regrow my hair again. I had duly missed scratching my scalp due to dandruff infestation not to mention wailing in sync with the aggressive sound of a hair blow-dry.
The journey of growing natural hair is not easy especially if you do not know healthy ways of doing so. Ever wondered how some ladies obtain a riot of soft and shiny waves on their hair?

Well, here are 6 tips of ensuring that you maintain strong, healthy and spunky hair;

Onion Juice

It turns out that even though onions make you cry, they can also occasionally bring a smile on your face. Yes, the smell is pungent but if you can withstand it for a few minutes then you are a shoe in for healthy hair.

Apparently onion juice contains the sulphur element which promotes the regrowth of hair cuticles. It also improves circulation which in turn results into strengthening your hair.

You are probably wondering how to go about the whole ordeal and how long you will have to endure the stench of onions.

The most effective way to do this remedy procedure is by slicing a full onion and mashing it or grating it so as to extract the juice and then applying the extract on your scalp and hair using your fingers. Walk around with a pegged nose for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse your hair with preferably warm water and a mild shampoo. The smell will vanish immediately.

If you really cannot stand the smell of onions in your hair then you can use potato juice instead. Although onions are more recommended since they are economical and well potatoes can morph into tasty fries.

Lemon juice

Lemons have a knack for helping humans. In another life they would be the elves to our Santa Claus. Apart from being a major ingredient in curing colds and trimming belly fat, a lemon has contents that help strengthen and also lengthen hair.

Squeeze lemon juice from several fresh lemons and apply the extract in your hair and on your scalp. Sunbathe or stare into space or catch a harpic advertisement for 15 minutes then wash your hair with mild shampoo.
It’s a simple and economical way of maintaining healthy hair.

Coconut oil

A friend of mine from Mombasa was telling us about how they use coconuts as goal posts back in their home village. By then we were all sweaty and out of breaths thanks to the then scorching sun and of course a thorough game of football. My friend’s comment somehow resuscitated my other friends’ unconscious voices as everyone expressed their disapproval of using coconuts as goal posts. I just kept pointing at the goal posts we had used then, a pair of stray worn out shoes. My voice refused to resuscitate, I too had wanted to share my views on using fruits as goal posts.

Coconut oil is a strong recommendation by experts when you want to contain hair loss. The oil has fatty acids that infiltrates your hair shaft and reduces protein loss from damaged or thinned hair.

The process of it’s application depends on the state or rather nature of your hair. If your hair is oily then you should sleep with a coconut oil treatment overnight or at least stay with the treatment a few hours before washing your hair with a mild shampoo.

When massaging the oil in your hair, make sure you massage the scalp too. It’s essential so that the oil can penetrate your hair shaft.
If you need coconut oil, clearly I know a guy.

Avocado oil

I do not know how comfortable you are with walking around in an avocado hair mask but before you scrunch your face in disgust, here are the benefits.

Avocado oil happens to be brimming with nutrients. Among these nutrients are potassium and magnesium which are notorious for sealing cuticle cells. This results to hair with spunk and sheen. Your hair gains the ability of being smooth and strong at the same time. So yes, that green mush in your hair is worth it.

Avocado oil can be mixed with other healthy hair remedies for better results. I recommend a mixture that is easily available and at the same time economical.

Acquire one full banana and half an avocado for this procedure. You can either mash or blend the two fruits until you have a suitable fine paste. Apply the concoction on damp hair from root to tip. Wash it out with mild shampoo after a few hours.

Bananas add a twinge of silica in the mix which also improves sheen and smoothens hair.

You can make a hoot out of the whole ordeal and have a fruit fest for both your hair and your body.

Rice Water

My aunt held her head back as her loud guffaws filled the compound. She paused to wipe dangling tears from her glassy eyes then peered at me as if to confirm my sanity. I was bent over the grass with a jug of scathingly cold rice water. She eventually stopped laughing and poured the rice water on my hair, the smell was to die for. I am not kidding, I was suffocating.
A good friend of mine introduced me to this particular remedy. It had worked well for her so I decided to try my luck. Turns out luck has nothing to do with it.

Rice water is the starch like water left after washing rice. This white grainy fluid contains amino acids, vitamins E and B, minerals and antioxidants. This helps hair grow while at the same time giving it a glow. If you want to get that silky mane on your head then this is the natural remedy for you.
There are two main procedures for applying rice water. You can wash your hair with shampoo and rinse it thoroughly with preferably warm water. Afterwards, pour the rice water on your hair and massage it into the hair and scalp. Go greet a neighbor or binge watch Maria for 20 minutes then thoroughly rinse your hair with preferably warm water.
The second procedure involves you storing the rice water overnight. The following day pour the rice water on your hair and massage it into your hair and scalp. You can thereafter rinse it out after twenty minutes or spend the night with the treatment and rinse your hair the day after.
You can guess which one I use.

Massaging your scalp

You know that tingly calm that sweeps over your body when your hair dresser or friend massages your scalp? Yes, I know, your toes curl.
Apart from being very relaxing, massaging of the scalp helps in attaining healthy hair. The light forces applied during this activity helps with the thickening and strengthening of your hair by coaxing it from the dermal papilla cells.

This is something you can do at least once a day by yourself, indulge in it.

Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal as a love gesture for his dead wife. We go on an extra mile for the things we love. Hair is a beloved among our species, the above points are some of the ways you can take of your hair.
Oh and here is a tip. If you ever decide to cut your hair, please go to a barber shop.

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