The Republic of Kenya or the Kingdom of Kenya? Jamhuri ya Kenya or the Kenya Monarchy?

(Undated image of Duncan Sandys (centre), the then British Secretary of State for the Colonies with from left to right, Bruce McKenzie, Dr. Taita Towett, Thomas Joseph Mboya, gentleman unknown to this writer, James Gichuru wa Samuel and Masinde Muliro. Photo courtesy)

By Kamau Mundia

To all intents & purposes, this country of ours is little more than a colony, and little more than a monarchy, dominated by a small elite at the top, which is no different at all from the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya, where a small pocket of elite Whites at the top called the shots. A Rose by any other name, smells just as sweet, and a colony or a monarchy by any other name e.g. Republic of Kenya, will remain just that i.e. a colony and/or a monarchy.

The so called new Kenya Constitution of 2010 has turned out to be a terrible disappointment and a fraud of monumental proportions, where a small elite of the President, the Deputy President, Governors, Women’s Representatives, Members of Parliament, Members of County Assemblies (MCAs) and Senators, are the key beneficiaries in a warped & skewed system that continues to impoverish the vast majority in this country, as the rich grow richer.

In 1973, Josiah Mwangi Kariuki spoke of Kenya as a country of 10 millionaires and 10 million beggars, and Josiah Mwangi Kariuki’s Kenya of 1973 has today in the year 2020, morphed into a Kenya of 4 zillionaires, 40 trillionaires, 4,000 billionaires and 40 million beggars, 40 million beggars who continue to be put under further enormous strain owing to draconian, autocratic, dictatorial and despotic measures currently in place to combat an unverifiable & suspect illness being referred to as Coronavirus/COVID-19.

Kenya does not have Kings, Queens, Dukes, Duchesses, Counts, Countesses, Lords, Baronesses, Earls, Princes and Princesses…? Not quite, because in real terms we do i.e. in real terms we actually have an Emperor & a Deputy Emperor i.e. the President and the Deputy President, 45 Kings & 2 Queens i.e. the 45 male Governors & the 2 female Governors, numerous Dukes & Duchesses i.e. the 2,222 MCAs in Kenya, both elected & nominated, 67 Lords & Baronesses i.e. the 67 Senators, both elected and nominated, another extra 47 Baronesses i.e. the 47 Women Representatives, and 349 Counts, Earls, Princes & Princesses i.e. the 349 MPs, both elected and nominated.

In the Middle Ages up until very recently actually i.e. the early years of the 20th century, when Feudalism reigned supreme in Europe, a small elite nobility reigned over the masses, which is what Kenya is today.

It is unclear whether the accompanying image was taken in Kenya or the United Kingdom, because between 1951 and 1964, six different British Secretaries of State for the Colonies in a row visited what was then known as the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya i.e. Jim Griffiths, Oliver Lyttelton, Alan Lennox-Boyd, Ian McLeod, Reginald Maulding and Duncan Sandys.

Actually Kenya was destined to becoming another Zimbabwe or another South Africa, had it not been for the 2nd World War i.e. the 2nd World War severely drained British finances, British resources and British might. There was also a much lower White demographic in Kenya than in Zimbabwe and South Africa. For example in the 1970s, Zimbabwe (then known as Rhodesia), had a White population of 250,000 and South Africa in 1995, soon after Nelson Mandela had become President of South Africa in 1994, had a White population of 4 million.

The White population at it’s highest in Colonial Kenya, stood at 60,000. Had the White population in Kenya been as high in Kenya as in Zimbabwe and South Africa, it is likely that we would have stopped singing “God save the Queen” that is, the British National Anthem, sometime in 1980 like Zimbabwe and/or around 1994, or even later.

And aristocracy begets aristocracy, “Birds of the same feather flock together”, Duncan Sandys was married to Sir Winston Churchill’s daughter. 

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