Ngumo Kahiga, Co-operative Bank hatchet man

(Ngumo Kahiga of co-operative bank)

He is regarded as one of the most influential personalities at Kenya’s third biggest bank – Cooperative Bank of Kenya.
Ngumo Kahiga, Cooperative Bank’s Communication Director runs the show from any angles.

Well-educated and soft spoken, the man from Nyeri has a role to play in the bank that is managed by a man from his own county – Dr Gideon Muriuki.

His word goes and in all fairness, he is powerful and well-entrenched in the media. So much so, very few people within the bank or outside it cross his line or even think of hitting at him at any given time.

Until Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko went harm on activist Mildred Owiso of Buyers Beware, very few knew Ngumo Kahiga and those who knew him were only work related and could have passed him as a competent bank official.

However, Ngumo is one of the senior managers from the dominant Kikuyu community that have held a stranglehold at the bank since its inception. Last year, a list of top managers at the firm was run in a few blogs before it was removed in typical Cooperative Bank fashion.

Through his position, he has managed to offer diligent service to the bank and stretched his contacts beyond the banking world to the streets.

Sonko, in a long Facebook rant said Mildred deals with one Ngumo Kahiga 0722***783 based at the Co-op Bank Headquarters who convinced the bank to wire the bribe of 1.5m and later got a share.

“Since Mildred could not register Buyers Beware name because it had been taken, she registered Buyers Awareness which owns the account to which Co-op Bank wired her the money,” the abrasive County Governor said.

At the centre of this bad blood between the bank and Nairobi government was the end of an ego-fight over resources and business. The bank is said was not happy with the system the government had introduced in the relationship between the two and a similar incident when the bank protested over the banking system

The Nairobi Governor said Ngumo aids in making similar payment on behalf of the bank and it was not the first time. Our investigations reveal that indeed, some of the famous bloggers in the country have enjoyed drinks with Kahiga in an effort to keep Cooperative Bank clean in the eyes of the public.

Co-operative Bank spends millions in a year, like any other bank in the country to have a clean image. Kahiga’s hatchet job is not different.

Specifically, Mildred Account by the name Buyer Awareness is Acc. No. 0111488732841800 at Moi Avenue Branch Nairobi was wired Kshs1.5 million on 20th March 2018.

The bank prepared a fake contract which expires on 31/8/2019 with some funny reasons in some clauses reading protection fees, pulling down of any negative comments and posts, monitoring and protecting the bank from any social media attacks. (Copy of this contract in our possession to be released in next update). This tells you the extent of Mildred’s deals with the bank.

Our sources reveal that some of the country’s leading bloggers have collected more than Shs 5 million from Kahiga in the last two months.

An insider in the banking industry told us: “Kahiga opens many doors. People accused Co-operative Bank of being corrupt. But the man behind all these is Kahiga. He is streetwise and a wheeler dealer who makes so many things happen in this country. Over the years Co-operative bank has grown in this country, he has been at the centre of it all. He has ensured that his links with the media, his direct contacts with the editors and even politicians, the bank has never suffered adverse media reporting. In any case, the media is all in the hands of the bank.”

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