SHAME: The horrendous hygiene at Kisumu Airport shocks travellers

(The horrendous hygiene at Kisumu International Airport)

Travellers landing in Kisumu International Airport have been shocked with the horrendous hygiene at the port’s washrooms, sitting lounges.

The sliced pieces of tissue papers welcomes the trevellers at the entrance of the washrooms. Once inside, the poorly maintained toilets with malodorous smell ushers the travellers to a door with a loose hinge that does not fit well and as if the experience is not enough, one finds a used water bottle filled with detergent and a small handmade hole to release it out when squeezed from the middle or turned upside down.

More disturbing is that the source of that liquid detergent is obviously not kebs approved. Take a look at the recycled bottle used here, it looks like an excellent germ transmission point waiting to spread the Coronavirus.

The Kisumu Airport’s sitting lounges are something else. Many have been avoiding sitting on the waiting lounges due to the wanting hygiene in the area. Not one, two, but several people have confided to 254News that they have been forced to get to the airport on time and move straight to the airside as “sitting in the lounges is quite irritating.”

The happenings at the Kisumu airport is a sharp contrast of what the Luo nation are known for.

Luos all over the world are people who values hygiene, adhering to standard way of doing things, generally smart and clean.

Not long ago Kisumu was voted as the cleanest city, town in Kenya. The airport is just few distance away, what has stopped them from ensuring the hygienic standards at the airport are met?

Kisumu Governor Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o is one of the well travelled Kenyans, why has he played a blind eye to Kisumu Airport? Getting revenue alone is not enough, ensure your people and visitors are safe all the time.


Kisumu airport is said to have been going down since it’s launch, reason being the management contract of the airport has been entrusted in the hands of the relatives of top management of the airport who have little or no exposure at all on how the facility should be managed.

The poor management of the facility has been there since time immemorial and because the top bosses use a different facility, they see no wrong in maintaining the entire services at the Airport.

Why is the management contracting unprofessional firms to run hygiene and sanitation in the airport yet they pocket millions of shillings monthly?

It’s shocking that Luo Nyanza counties brag of being the tourists hub yet the first thing the tourists meet is substandard services at the Kisumu International Airport. Not even handwash can be provided at the international Airport just few months into hosting Afrocities conference.

What has stopped them from ensuring that the taps, the soap dispensers and the dryers be auto like in all airports around the world?

Are we looking at a possible outbreak of diseases resulting from infections like coronavirus because at the airport people mingle with everyone from all over world? Why is Kisumu airport management risking the lives of tens of hundreds users of the airport on a daily basis?

The Kisumu International Airport management should go beyond the mere PR stunts of changing the detergent and handwash but should ensure the general hygiene standards at the airport is met.

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