Simba Arati: the purported Gusii Kingpin who Is controlled by wife

(Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati)

Having married from one of the richest families in China, been elected twice in Nairobi on ODM ticket, Dagoretti North MP Paul Simba Arati believed he had everything it takes to run for any political seat anywhere in the country.

“I don’t fight small wars. I have always believed in going for big things including presidency,” Arati would always say whenever called for interviews.

Born in November 1981, the father of two began small as a master seed and became a household name in Nairobi.

Having come from a humble baground, with his father fired from police service he found himself in Nairobi to fend for himself. This saw him become a vegetable vendor and eventually sponsoring himself to Kenya Polytechnic for a diploma in tourism management course before proceeding to do a bachelor’s degree in business management and eventually masters degree in International Relations. He would later be nominated  by Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) as a councillor in 2007 before being elected as Dagoretti North MP in 2013 and now serving his second term.

Arati who would remind his detractors how he is a grown man, never had it easy in Kisii when he attempted to position himself as a potential replacement to Governor James Ongwae, and eventually the Abagusi kingpin

“I am not a boy. I am a family man and have several children I take care of. Those hiding in non issues will be shocked.”

He first installed himself as Gusii spokesperson in an event that was skipped by local leaders. This was a blunder as such positions are a preserve of more elderly persons.

After his installation that was rejected by a number of leaders from that region, he was asked to show the locals if he is actually married.

The Abagusi community believe that if you’re not married to one of them, then they consider you single and “immature boy”. This forced him to conduct a series of rallies across Kisii and Nyamira counties while shocasing his Chinese wife and at the same time, trying to convince them she is just a human being just like any of them. If keen enough, you would realize how his wife has tried to transform to look like a Kisii.

Sources say, Arati’s wife controls all his finances making it difficult for the second time MP to navigate through. This includes running their printing and other private businesses that the MP owns. This made it difficult for Arati to move freely as he had to account for everything.

The Chinese wife is said to be owning him, thus not giving him time to even mingle freely with the locals and friends.

The other issue that stopped his Kisii ambition is the sub clanism that makes the Kisii county. The Abagusi community votes as per the subclan they come from. His, is the least in terms of numbers.

Though he redeemed himself with the goonship and thuggery he deployed in the Kibra by-election in the name of vote protection unit, the village politics is way above what he can manage with the fame he has already acquired.

He also needs to carefully take a step at a time without missing one lest he lose everything. Lastly, he should try his luck in the city’s top seat and not the village one which he will easily lose to those coming from the right subclans.

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