Breaking News IEBC Poll Clerk for Woodley arrested by DCI last Night


Reports have emerged that an IEBC poll Clerk who was slated to oversee the Woodley polling center was arrested last night at a high end city hotel. It appears that the DCI had been hot on his trail for days leading to the Poll. He had been receiving suspicious MPESA payments running into hundreds of thousands which he had been promptly forwarding to his wife in a futile attempt to cover his track.

The agent who hails from the former rift valley province was badly roughed up by the team of arresting officers in a sting style operation with the team using unmarked powerful Subarus while wearing masks. Everybody at the establishment was ordered to lie face down during the incident and they also took away the cctv footage from the cameras at the location during the commando style operation. The suspect was whisked away to an unknown location and relatives are frantically looking for him up and down. However, his wife on getting wind of the arrest has apparently gone into hiding but detectives are hot on her trail as well.

Apparently he had been receiving the payments from a Nairobi Jubilee MP who has been a key part of the team overseeing Mariga’s campaign in Kibra Constituency. One of the officers was heard telling the clerk that “Lazima utatuambia ni nani wengine unafanya nao kazi kando na Mheshimiwa”. The clerk looked scared to death and infact very terrified.

The electoral code of conduct is very clear for members and staff of the Commission. The Code is fairly comprehensive. The Code requires the Commission’s employees to conduct themselves with integrity and neutrality. All the members are expected to perform their duties in a manner that maintains public confidence and to discharge their duties in a professional and efficient manner and respect the rights and freedoms of all persons.

Receiving MPESA payments from a member of the team of one of the Candidates involved in the election is a glaring anomaly and might be the reason the DCI moved in with speed and so much force in the matter so as to serve as an example and to also restore waning public confidence in the IEBC.

By the time of going to press we are yet to get a comment from the IEBC on the matter or any state agency but we shall keep digging to update on this developing story.

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