Lawyer, law firm sucked in as fake gold probe intensifies


Jared Otieno the man at the Centre of the gold scam spent two weeks in jail. Together with 15 other people in the syndicate, Jared was arrested after it emerged he orchestrated the whole scam.
It is alleged that using fraudulent tricks and displaying heavy metal boxes, parked with genuine gold bars and an office trading as Nirone Safe Keeping, pretended to be carrying out genuine gold business.

As you can see, the fraud can’t be committed by one person; it’s an elaborate theft plot that goes like a movie. One of the key players in this fraud schemes is lawyers who ensures the transactions are done and made look like a legit business while with full knowledge of fraud being committed.

Because such business can’t be done through any legal way, we’ve come to learn that the scammer will often engage lawyers to facilitate the transactions. Money that goes through lawyers somehow has some immunity from accountability.

In the case of Simuong Group Ltd getting defrauded by Jared Otieno, one of the City’s top paid lawyers Tom Ayieko Okundi was at the center stage. It is evident from court documents that since the business they were engaging in wasn’t legitimate, transactions would be made in a legal way.
A plot was hatched to disguise the money from Simuong Group to Jared made look like a loan. So Ayieko Of Okundi &Co Advocates drew a loan agreement between Jared who used a lady named Rose Adhiambo Omamo as her pawn in the deal as the borrower and Simuong as the lender.

Ayieko commissioned the oath, interestingly, he was representing both the borrower and lender with all glaring conflicts of interests, and you can see the signing was just a formality.

One question that we can’t firmly answer since we don’t have proof is if this, was the first fraud deal the lawyer has helped execute and if any then it casts doubts on his integrity as a lawyer by engaging in a criminal activity.

Our sources are alleging that there’s a group of lawyers who engage in such deals and we will continue to expose them as soon as we get proof of their dealings. One of the most alleged people in the syndicate is Ambrose Rachier who besides practicing law is the chairman of Gor Mahia.

Our question to LSK that shouldn’t there be disciplinary actions on lawyers who knowingly engage themselves in facilitating crimes? Promoting crimes using privileges the law has given you should be and must be condemned.
We have lawyers in town who barely go to any court but are rich as nonsense because of such dirty deals. They’re simply part of the criminal gang they’re conspiring with.


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