Sewage overflow at Nairobi Hospital

Nairobi Hospital

Barely weeks after reports of Cholera outbreak at Nairobi Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in Kenya, patients have reported a horrifying situation as a result of overflowing of raw sewage and stench on the ground floor of the Eastern wing of the Doctor’s Plaza wing of Nairobi Hospital.

The Doctors plaza.

After facing Cholera outbreak, during which one staff died and seven others admitted at the Kenya’s premier health facility weeks ago, one would assume some lessons were learnt by the management of Nairobi Hospital.

Raw Sewage

The ground floor of the Doctors Plaza is stinking, as raw Sewage is flowing in the Eastern side of the building. Reportedly, this has been happening for the last 24hrs.

“Really? In a hospital!! I endured it. Saw the doctor, then proceeded to the pharmacy.” Revealed a source.

IT Systems

254news can authoritatively reveal that the IT system at the hospital is also wanting.

The management of the Nairobi Hospital is yet to make a statement on the current state of the hospital.

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