Kenyan Women Outrages over Substandard Sanitary Pads by Always Kenya.

Always brand in Kenya versus that in the USA

The outrages on hashtag #MyAlwaysExperience run by Kenyan ladies on Twitter have exposed Always Kenya for producing substandard sanitary towels for their Kenyan clients and better ones for European markets.

Going by the reports on Twitter, it is no doubt that the ladies in Kenya have suffered a lot. They have gone through myriad of weird experiences with the pads ranging from swellings to irritations, itching of private parts, rashes, burns and general discomfort.

They have endured horrible menstruation cycles in silence for a very long time assuming it was a normal part of the menstrual cycle.

It is shocking to discover that other than the pains with which the menstruation comes, the pads that are supposed to help them take care of this have subjected them to more pains just because of greed and quick money making mentality by this company. Poor quality sanitary pads should not be one of the things women should have to bare with.

They end up visiting gynaecologist or constantly blaming themselves for having something wrong in their bodies when in real sense it is the poor quality sanitary pads they are charged exorbitantly for.

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris also joined the conversation saying Kenyan women will not be condemned to sanitary towels that compromise their health and comfort. “Menstrual hygiene is a subject I hold dear to my heart. My office took the time to gather feedback from consumers and formally engaged the manufacturer. Kenyan women will not be condemned to sanitary towels that compromise their health and comfort.”

“I am awed at how Kenyan women have organized around Always: the education, the evidence, the stories, the demands, amplifying voices, making strategic asks from elsewhere, it’s wonderful to witness.” One, Keguro, observed

The outrage is centred on Always brand of sanitary pads. They accuse this company of producing pads that accumulate heat on their private parts thus causing bacteria to grow on the walls of their private parts resulting to itching and eventually yeast infections.

The company has since defended itself by issuing a statement saying they produce the same quality, using the same quality of materials across the globe.

“We want to let you know that all the always pads we have in Kenya are available and similar to the always in other parts of the world depending on consumer needs and habits in different countries… All our pads across the markets, including the ones in Kenya are designed and developed in Europe and using the same technology and materials” their statement reads in part.

The women quickly rubbished the Always Kenya statement saying it is only “similar in appearance but not texture!” Retorts one of them

The Women recommended that by the company improving the standard of their products as not everyone can afford the high quality pads, they should, improve on the sticky substances so that it can stick well, make pads for humid weather, do away with scenting pads, stop using a plastic lining as it causes rashes, infection and burns the skin, make pads breathable, improve on absorbency and the wings, and have better standards for everyone.

The Kenya Bureau of Standards has since promised to undertake market surveillance research on the Always sanitary towels brand as the 90% of the samples they tested in their laboratories met the required standards.

“A total of 135 samples have been drawn from the market and after testing, 90% of all the samples complied with the standard…

“Following the concerns expressed on social media, KEBS has launched investigations that include extensive market surveillance and testing of these products to ascertain if there exists any breach of quality products.

“The outcome of analysis will determine the next course of action including market withdrawal of any substandard products.” Reads part of the KEBS statement.

Women need comfort, good health, safety as menstruation is not a punishment.

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