Farah Maalim claims Raila was offered 25billion bribe by Jubilee.

Mr. Farah Maalim who claims Raila was offered 25 billion bribe by Jubilee.

Former deputy speaker of National Assembly Farah Maalim on Tuesday, March 27, made fresh claims that the People’s President Raila Odinga confided in them at Wiper Party headquarters that he was offered upto Ksh. 25 billion to drop the calls for reforms for police, judiciary and electoral injustice.

He insinuated that The Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga told them that he was offered Ksh. 5 billion to drop the reforms agenda, which he rejected. Offered Ksh.10 billion, then Ksh. 15 billion, then Ksh. 20 billion, and finally Ksh. 25 billion. Farah believes that the offer would not be be increased each time with Ksh. 5 billion if at all Mr. Odinga was not negotiating.

What former MP aspirant for Garissa township Constituency should tell the public is that, if indeed NASA leader Raila Odinga took the bribe as he claims, would he have talked about it?

Mr. Farah who moved to Wiper party from Change Movement to clinch the Garissa township Member of Parliament seat and in the process rose high up the leadership ranks of Wiper party, made these farfetched allegations on the person of Mr. Odinga at KTN during his interview on Morning Express programme. The three affiliate parties of NASA coalition that is Wiper party, ANC and Ford Kenya¬† had vowed to teach their leader Raila a lesson. They are out to reclaim their lost glory during the Raila’s swearing in which they all skipped.

Even though the NASA leader said he rejected the fat bribe, Maalim used an analogy to show he later accepted it after making counter demands. “I was inclined to ask, if you want to buy something from me at Ksh.100 and I tell you that I am not selling it, why then would you offer to pay more for what is not on sale? For Jubilee to keep escalating the offer from Ksh. 5 billion all the way to Ksh. 25 billion, there must have been counter demands,” he strongly stated.

He also termed ODM as extortionist and that led to his exit even when it is in the public knowledge that he had to join wiper party to enjoy the reach votes of Kamba community living in Garissa township. Mr. Farah must have forgotten that ODM party went further to ask their candidate for Garissa Township Member of Parliament seat to step down in his favor.

Jobless Farah is seen to be pushing the agenda of wiper party and at the same time looking for favors from the government.

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