Part I: Maid infected my child with HIV.

The photos and videos of a maid mistreating an angel a couple of days a go rekindled great memories in me. It reminded me how a maid infected my child with HIV/AIDs.

I had just given birth to my firstborn child, a bouncing baby boy. I always wanted my first child to be a boy. He was our bundle of joy, our everything.

Two months later it dawned on me that my maternity leave was almost coming to an end. My husband and I decided to look for a house help early enough so that by the time I resume work, she would be well conversant with her duties in the house. We called home but we couldn’t get the kind of maid we wanted – a mature lady probably in her 40s.

After a few days a friend offered to help us get one. She knew someone who knew where to get them. As usual, she never disappoint.

To cut the long story short, I got a maid a few days later. Her name was Cynthia. She was a good lady, at least I thought so.

My leave ended and I resumed work. My baby, Brighton, was then three months old.

Four months later, Cynthia began behaving strangely. She had changed a lot. Her love for my son had changed. Neighbours told me stories about her that I never believed some. However, it started becoming evident to us.

A few days later, my husband and I came earlier enough from work And decided to confront her before she left that evening. We had really taken good care of Cynthia. We had taken her as part if our family. All efforts to have her open up bore no fruits. All she kept on saying was that she was sorry.

Two days later in the evening after we had come from work, she requested to talk to both of us. She told us that she was quitting and that she was leaving the city for good. All along we had thought that she had personal or family issues back at home. We fully understood her decision, paid her dues, gave her fare, wished her well and bid her good bye.

After she had left, we found a note, “Mkipata time, mwende mpime Brighton virusi vya ukimwi (If you find enough time, visit VCT center and let Brighton be tested for HIV/AIDs)” the note reads.

To be continued…

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