Hassan Joho to Jubilee: If you come with an envelope, I want to tell you that by the grace of God I have my envelope


The remarks of the ODM Deputy Party Leader, Governor Ali Hassan Joho during ODM 10@10 has rejuvenated hope in the entire CORD strongholds. He asked the Premier Raila Odinga to relaxed a bit s he take charge of the campaigns,

“Raila has fought enough for all of us. This coming elections I will tell Raila to relax a bit. I will be the one leading the battle against Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto” Joho declared.

He reminded Raila that, “Raila you taught us how to do campaigns . You campaigned for Mwai Kibaki. Now it will be our turn to campaign for you.”

Governor Joho also dared the Jubilee government about the money they constantly dish out saying, “If you come with an envelope, I want to tell you that by the grace of God I have my envelope.”

Joho assured the supporters that he will not join Jubilee and will always stand by law and what is right as “This is what I have been taught by Raila Odinga. That I must stand by the truth. And for those who have gone to Jubilee from Coast, we wish to tell you that you are not the first. There was Chirau Mwakwere, Ali Dzoro, Kasungu Kambi. Where are they now?” He Posed.

About his stand for coast, he reacted to what the government alleged that, “They say I should not involve in issues of Kwale. I tell them the issues affecting the people of Kwale are same ones affecting me in Mombasa. I will visit kwale in the morning, midday and evening.”

While concluding, Joho made the greatest declaration that was witnessed by Governor Wyclife Oparanya, Raila Odinga.
“We are leaving this place with a declaration. A declaration that has been weighed carefully… As ODM, we declare that our presidential candidate will be Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga.”




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