I weep for my county; Homabay county of Choice

Homabay county of choice at a glance.

The county in which haile the late Tom Mboya.The beautiful land of the great Dr. Odhiambo Mbai.
The land that emerges the beauty of sisal rids.The white cotton has its base here.
The county of a valley, Lambwe Valley.The valley of honey, the valley of green pastures.
The valley of beautiful serene.When I get to the peak of God-Jope hills.
All I see is a land that captivates my heart. My heart is captivated to Lambwe that I refused to be called Janyakach.
I know I am not alone in the caption of love for this land. I hear of the stories when people would walk with leaves, to clear away tsetse fly. Lambwe is the best.The place where trees whistle to be called “ali”
Ruma national park is the only park within the county. Ooh how blessed we are sons and daughters of the soil.
The antelopes, buffalos, shinny snakes, the hyenas that roam in the night. River Olambwe the great, cutting across this vast park to water the wildlife and wild forest. Ruma gives a home to the wild beasts as well, all in our county, not Narok county.

The land that is so cherished with great Abasuba people who occupy islands of
Mfangano. If you ever want to see Migingo from a far, be in Mfangano.
The Abasuba so cherish their language that it is far from dying despite being the minority
I am in love with islands of Winy, Soklo, Soklo kipenji, Remba, Ringiti, Takawiri
I cant forget Mbita Rusinga. You get to Mbita and beg to go back home.

Rusinga kandiege is the Glory land where the late and Great Tom Mboya was buried
His grave alone bring tourist from all walks of life.

Asego Kanyada, the county head. Composed of shauri yako( up to you)
Soko Mjinga (the stupid market), Sofia, the lady beauty hill of Got Asego. Capital fish at the shores of Lake Victoria, Makongeni

We get to Kendu-Bay after Homa-Bay, I see sand mining around this place not forgetting the yams in olare kochia, pineapples, sweet yellow mangoes.

I am trapped to this area of food, Kabondo Kasipul and Kasipul Kabondo. The area of groundnuts, green grams, potatoes, bananas and sweet oranges. Odino falls does not make this people thick-heads as the name suggests, it is a source of light, when the water is tapped from a river and raised across the hill.The place where my grandmother was born, Ajwang’ nyar Ogila, nyar Kabondo.

This is a heart throbbing site an art of well educated wisemen from the land with knowledge and wisdom to bless their land. Simbi Nyaima is in this land. Gendia the place where missionaries settled.

Rodi kopany, a well orchestrated luo name from the English word “road company”, from here there is sugarcane, the value of this sugar cane is by their sweetness, and they make me bite my tongue.

Rangwe is another place of adventure, beautiful green cover with diverse climate of the Kisii highlands.

Who am I not to mention Gwasi the land from which the legendary story originated, Nyamgondho the son of Ombare.

We are rich in history
We are rich in nature
We have plenty of food
We are rich of soil and waters
But are they ever used?

I weep for my county; Homabay county of Choice.

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