Your WALKING Style can TELL you are from having ORGASMS

Walking style can determine if you are from having an orgasm, it can betray you by your strides, the way you spring on the road like you have been fitted with YANA tyres, it can describe whether it was clitoral orgasm you had or vaginal orgasm.

The other day I thought we had made a covenant only to see bright shining faces that looked like a Sufuria that has been scrubbed with steel wool using sunlight soap if you have scrubbed one you will understand my point.

Faces, gaits, eyes and confusion displayed at the matatu stage the other morning was a clear sign that people not only watched the olympics but had Rio gymnastics in 3D at the comfort of their beds. They set their butts Rio angle style, the jumps outdid the vultures and the rolling on the beds not even wrestle-mania could match, why did you guys betray me?

Men were shaking hands with strangers for a minute I thought it was world hands shaking day and smiling after saying goodbye to their fisilets, the matatu is gone but this guy kept on looking behind knocking over stones shaking his head smilingly while humming, he jumped at some point I thought maybe we had won the 20th gold medal, he looked at me, I think my eyes looked like that of a post tertiary virgin, I had to teleport myself into his head, he was wondering why a lioness like me can sleep with my hands in between my legs and hold featherless pillows all night long when lions have realized it is not economical for them to be at the national park when they can outsource services from different parks.

Why were you guys tempting me when I was on my second day?

And do not even use water spray that has pressure to wash your Southern Hemisphere it will give you a crazy orgasm that will break the accord just in case you want to maintain your tertiary virginity.

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