Photo from far right DP William Ruto, Opposition Leader Raila Odinga, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Senate Minority leader Senator Moses Wetang'ula during the arrival of Opposition Leader in Statehouse for a state function.

To those of us who insist on worshiping the animals we call politicians, here are some of the quotes to refresh our memories. Maybe Hon. Moses Kuria had a point when he said he was involved in fixing Deputy President William Ruto at the Hague. Could this be why William Ruto must work with them until they hand over presidency to him in 2022?

Read these quotes carefully and make your own judgement. I trust they will boost your ego:

“We in PNU won fairly and squarely. Whoever is not satisfied with the Electoral Commission of Kenya’s result should go to court. America should stop meddling in Kenyan affairs. They should keep off as we Kenyans are capable of handling our affairs on our own. America is not Heaven. I have no intention or interest visiting America either now, soon or later. I am contented being in Kenya.”  ~ Martha Wangari Karua- Min. Justice and Constitutional affairs in 2008.

“We can not and will not accept to form a coalition government with ODM if William Ruto will be a minister. Raila must first delete the name of the person who sponsored the burning of our people in Kiamba Church. We will not change on this demand.”
~ Uhuru Kenyatta – Min. Finance 2008.

“The only way we can allow Ruto to be part of coalition government is when he is given a lesser docket (Ministry). We will not form the government with him as agriculture Minister.” ~ Uhuru & Martha Karua.

“PNU won fairly and squarely. There is no debate about that. We cannot work with criminal gangs and thugs who burnt innocent Kenyans in Naivasha.”
~ Moses Wetangula

“Raila won’t be president. He can’t be president hata nini ifanyike (irrespective of what transpires). Na hata akichaguliwa kuwa (Even if he is elected to be) president, he won’t rule. We won’t allow him. Tutammaliza (We will finish him)” ~ John Michuki (Now deceased. May God judge his soul according to his deeds)

“Kibaki was legally elected and announced by ECK. The courts are wide open for anyone who wants to challenge the decision. We shall deal with anyone who want to disrupt the government.” ~ Prof. George Saitoti ( Now deceased. May God do to his soul as he did to Michuki).

“I do not know who won the elections. I was told to announce that Kibaki had won and that is what I did. I was given results to announce. I don’t count results.” ~ ECK Chairman Samuel Kivuitu (Now deceased. May God judge his soul on the same weighing scale as that of Saitoti).

“Some Returning officers might be cooking results. They are taking unnecessary too long to bring the results. My officers are not picking my calls. I won’t announce changed results. Some people are doctoring the results.” ~ ECK Chairman Kivuitu

“I don’t know whether I won the election. I was told that I won the elections. They announced my name as the winner.” ~ Mwai Kibaki

“We are not in a hurry to join the government. Nobody is dying to be a minister. Ruto must be part of the cabinet. We won’t form the coalition without Ruto.” ~ Najib Balala (Now one of the serving Cabinet Secretary)

We in our Orange Team know our players’ fitness. We know who can play well where and who can score well for our team. We are not selecting their players for them. They should not plan for us who to play where and when…..” ~ Raila Amolo Odinga

Kenyan politicians though, anyway you still have all the reasons to enjoy your democratic rights of electing the leaders you reckon fit for any office at whatever capacity.

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